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I attended Southern Methodist University,graduating in 1980 with a Business Degree. I then attended law school at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I was originally from Kansas City,Missouri.

After graduating from law school, I moved to Dallas, Texas and began work in the real estate brokerage business with one of the top firms, the Henry S. Miller Company. While working in real estate, I was involved in the sale of 60 acres of downtown Dallas known as Farmers Market for $120 million dollars, the sale of raw land at what is now the intersection of George Bush Freeway and the Tollroad for $12 million dollars and several other tracts of land in the year I worked in real estate. I sold over $250 million dollars of real estate from 1983-1985.

Fueled by the these successful transactions, I left real estate purchased a refinery and oil storage terminal out of bankruptcy, had clients fill the oil storage facility and they promptly made $30 million dollars overnight as Iraq decided to invade Kuwait and the price of oil went up $30 per barrel of oil overnight.

It was at this time that I was forced to sue partners in the venture for trying to push me and the initial investors out of the transaction, the notorious Drexel Burham group in California and became involved in one of the most complex litigation cases in Dallas involving over $100 million in damages, and then Los Angeles, with over 30 law firms, bankruptcy court, and courts in Dallas, Delaware, and California. In the end, doing much of the legal work myself, it was part of the training I was to receive to learn just about every aspect of litigation, leverage and the principles that drive almost every type of lawsuit whether civil or family law based.

During this period, a firm called Courtroom Sciences served as our jury consultant along with Dr. Philip McGraw. Dr. Phil, put me in his life skills training class called Pathways, and it was one of the most valuable gifts I received in life. I received about 20 years of experience in complex social issues in about 4 weekends, I learned a lot about who I was as a person and I was one of the last people to receive a contract from Dr. Phil before he went on to Oprah and his own TV show. My contract at Pathways is "I am a strong and free man, loving God everyday." This is now the same training he has done on the Oprah Shown, and his own show as well. Pathways continues to thrive in Las Colinas as a 501(c)3 company and benefit 40-60 people each month and our law firm put 3-4 clients in the training each month to share the life changing experience for those with pain, hurt and/or anger issues, from sexual or physical abuse, drug addiction/ or other major issues in life. In the end, I think God was training me to help parent and children in conflict, not how to own a refinery or company-which is extremely rewarding for me in life.

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