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Lucas W. Williams

Professional Experience

Always enthusiastic and energetic, Lucas is passionate about not only obtaining the best results for his clients, but protecting the best interests of the child at every step. Lucas specialized in child welfare law - including Child Protective Services (CPS) cases - while attending Southern Methodist University School of Law, and he will fight tooth and nail to protect both the best interests of your child and your rights as a parent.

Lucas also specializes in divorce cases, with an emphasis being placed on property and asset dissolution. Having previously divided assets such as pensions, military retirement, stock options, stocks, equities, real property, IRAs, Roth IRAs, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and various pieces of personal property, Lucas understands exactly what is needed to obtain a favorable division of assets.

Prior to attending law school at SMU, Lucas graduated from Texas A&M University. While attending Texas A&M, Lucas was actively involved in the Baptist Student Ministry where his relationship with God flourished. Whatever your case involves, rest assured knowing that Lucas operates with devout morals, utmost integrity, and complete transparency.