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When your family faces difficulties that can only be solved with the help of the legal system, you need the help of a Dallas divorce lawyer who understands how to strategize for your best interests in the year to come. Most people only divorce once, making it especially important to do it right and avoid the headache that comes with having to modify court orders later on. With over 25 years of proven legal ability, Widner Family Law Group is the advocate you need when dealing with family law issues. We understand what works best in court when aggressively protecting what matters most to you. Call our divorce firm now and schedule your consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Due to the permanent nature of these proceedings, it is always advisable to get the help of a legal professional. Widner Family Law Group focuses on all family law concerns including divorce, modification, child support issues and custody, grandparents’ rights, spousal maintenance, adoption, family violence, protective orders, and issues with the Office of the Attorney General or CPS. Our experience goes beyond knowing the law and how to use it in court — we understand how to obtain better outcomes for our clients. Divorce situations are never easy. By hiring a divorce attorney that understands how to realistically fight for your interests, you increase your chances at an outcome that favors the future you deserve. Get started now. Call our Dallas divorce attorney now.

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Divorce attorney Robert Widner has one of the largest client bases in Dallas, with over 25 years of both legal and business experience. Ours is one of the fastest growing law firms, not based solely upon client satisfaction and results, but also because we are one of the only law firms that structures family law cases financially on a budget for our clients. We offer flat fee pricing that ensures you get the services you need without running up the tab for tasks like copying documents or speaking with our team about your strategy. Since more than 95% of all family law cases settle before trial, paying for a retainer up front is often less than economical. At Widner Family Law Group, you pay for premier representation and nothing more. Get started by calling our divorce lawyer today and schedule your initial consultation.

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